VineCo Estate

6 Week Wines

Elevate your Craft

Make an Estatement with premium kits from celebrated wine-producing countries. 12-13.5% alcohol. $149.56 before tax including service and corks ($4.99/bottle).


Chardonnay, Australia

Medium-bodied, rich and creamy with flavours of tropical fruit, ripe peach and toasted vanilla.

Gewurztraminer, Germany

Medium body. Richly flavoured with lychee, white peach and honey.

Pinot Grigio, Italy

This wine is dry, crisp and fresh with citrus and green apple notes.

Riesling, California

A snappy white featuring apricot and mango flavours.

Sauvignon Blanc, California

A classic and flavourful white. Passion fruit, citrus and peach.

Traminer Riesling, Australia

Lime, apple, honey and stone fruit.


Amarone, Italy

A best seller. Black cherry, plum and chocolate. Full bodied and rich.

Cabernet-Merlot, California

Black cherry, tobacco and mint.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia

Toasty black currant, chocolate and bay leaf.

Cabernet-Shiraz, Australia

A rich, full-bodied wine with blackberry and pepper complemented by toasty oak.

Carmenere, Chile

Raspberry, red cherry and plum. Medium body.

Malbec, Argentina

Blackberry and dark plum with notes of clove. Full bodied and smooth.

Merlot, California

A medium-bodied wine with blackberry, fruitcake and coffee flavours.

Montepulciano, ITALY

Medium-full bodied with red plum, sour cherry and subtle herbal notes. 

Mystic, California

Off-dry and smooth. Black cherry, vanilla and mocha. Think Apothic.

Pinot Noir, Chile

An elegant, medium bodied red wine with raspberry and strawberry tones.

Primo Rosso, Italy

Full with ripe dark fruit and subtle spice.

Shiraz, Australia

Big, dry and intense. Black currant and pepper.

Vieux Chateau du Roi, France

Red fruit and spice.


Grenache Rose, Australia

Refreshing red cherry and strawberry.