Weddings & Corporate

Whether you are planning a wedding meal, thanking your guests or wowing your clients, we are here to help!  Our starting package price listed here is based on our House and/or Niagara Mist kits which tend to age quicker in the bottle and have “large crowd” appeal.  



Our Wedding Package includes 90 bottles (750ml)* of On The House and/or Niagara Mist Fruit Wines.  Choose from clear and/or green bottles a shrink cap to match your colour scheme. 

We have a selection of pre-packaged wedding labels or we can refer you to several local businesses that specialize in this service.  If making your own, bring them with you when bottling – it is much easier to put them on here.

You should be starting your wedding wine at least two and a half months ahead BUT red and white wines start to peak in flavour and body several months after being bottled so, as long as you have proper storage, the sooner you make your wine, the better!

Your wine should be stored somewhere consistently cool (50-58F or 10-14C), quiet and dark until it’s time to crack ‘er open for the big day. Don’t forget to inquire about corking fees at your chosen reception facility. Oh, and don’t forget to get your bottles back from them.

We will help keep you organized while you’re here bottling. Bring some friends and have some fun with it!

*Note: If using smaller bottles (i.e. 375ml for wedding favours), you will need 60 per batch.  This will affect price. 


Corporate Events

Our Corporate Package includes 30 bottles (750ml) of wine and a shrink cap to finish off your bottle.  We are happy to refer you to several local businesses that specialize in customized labels or bring your own on the day of bottling.  

Our wine is best when aged for a MINIMUM of two months and up to twenty-four months after bottling so think ahead for this unique gift!

“Our company holds an annual wine-making event at Stonehouse Wines. They have been among the best events our company has participated in. The owner ensured the day was a success and delivered what was promised. Stonehouse staff provided excellent value for all of my employees. I highly recommend Stonehouse Wines.”

~ James Caicco, Broker of Record at Century 21 Choice Realty Inc.

* Note: Group discounts (pricing above) start at 4 batches.  We can handle as many as 50 batches in one day.  Yep, we’re rockstars.