On The House

4 Weeks Wine

Easy California Sipping!

11.5% alcohol. $121.24 before tax including service and corks. $4.04/bottle. Ready for bottling in four weeks.


California White

A special blend developed by our Winemaster to satisfy your everyday white wine needs. Soft flavours of apple and stone fruit.


Smooth and dry with notes of tropical fruit and vanilla.

Pinot Grigio

A crowd favourite. Light and fresh with flavours of green apple and citrus.


Light table wine with a soothing citrus bouquet. Snappy acid compliments many spicy foods.  Sweeten to taste. 

Sauvignon Blanc

A dry, delicate wine with subtle herbaceous and green fruit flavours. Includes toasted oak.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep ruby colour with a black fruit and oak. A medium bodied wine having a tannic character when young.

California Red

A special red blend developed by our Winemaster to meet most of your entertaining needs. A light bodied dry wine for easy drinking.


The popular Merlot grape produces an exceptional soft, low tannin wine. A smooth wine, rich in red fruit and oak flavours.

Pinot Noir

Rich in complexity with a velvety finish full of earthy notes and red fruit.


A zesty medium bodied wine with flavours of black fruit and spice.


White Zinfandel

A popular strawberry and cherry flavoured, light rose wine. Serve well chilled.