Aging Your Wine

How long before I can drink my wine? is a common question that can have different answers. If you enjoy the taste of wine while it’s young then fill the glass! We call this trunk aging! 

A newly bottled wine can have a harsh tone but that will mellow as it ages. Most wines start to peak in flavour at 6-8 months and can be aged up to two years if stored properly with extra preservatives (our kits come with less than half the preservatives of store-bought).  

General “rules of thumb”:

  • Four week white should be aged a minimum of one month
  • Four week red should be aged a minimum of two months
  • Six week kits are usually two to three months MINIMUM for aging
  • Fruit wine can be consumed right away

Be your own connoisseur as only you know when it tastes best to you (but don’t forget about your guests)!

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