Making Your Wine

Electric Bottle Filler

Stonehouse Wines is a licensed ferment-on-premise specializing in quality, affordable wine-making for personal consumption and weddings. 

On day one, simply select and purchase the wine kit you would like to make then add your yeast. You do not need an appointment to do this. You will be given a due date for bottling.  Over the next four to six weeks, Stonehouse staff will carefully ferment, rack, degas and rest your wine.  

You will need thirty CLEAN bottles for your bottling appointment.*  We have new 750 ml green and clear bottles in stock and with proper care, you should only need to make one initial investment in bottles (about $37 plus hst).  We offer a sink rinser and free bottle SANITIZER (not washer) on site.

Bottling and corking your wine is easy with our electric fillers and automatic corkers.  It takes about 30 minutes to bottle a batch of wine.  We guarantee 29 bottles per batch.  

*Clean bottles are very important.  Emptied bottles should be rinsed really well with hot water, then turned upside down for draining and storing. We cannot guarantee uncontaminated wine if your bottles come in dirty, especially the ones that have been in the shed for eight years and are full of mold, bugs, paint and old gum….

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