Brag. Save Money.

Those are just two things you get to do when you make your own wine. 

You’re crafty right? Well not all craft is beer & bedazzling.  Making your own wine is just as fun and easy to do! 

And at Stonehouse Wines you can be sure you are using the most modern equipment in a clean and super fun space!

And friends don’t let friends drink store-bought so let’s get you started.  You’ve come to the right place.

Click on our 4 & 6 week options below to browse our Canadian Manufactured wonders in a glass.  

4 Week Wines

When you want an all-around, easy-drinking wine to pair with any occasion.  Red, white, blush, fruit – what’s your palate’s pleasure?

6-8 Week Wines

When you want to Elevate your Craft.  Select from the world’s most renowned grape growing regions with these premium and ultra premium kits.  Richer, fuller.  It’s love at first sip. 

Wedding / Corporate

When you want to WOW your guests or clients with personally crafted and packaged vino.

Our Advice

Making Your Wine

Stonehouse Wines is a licensed ferment-on-premise specializing in quality, affordable wine-making for personal consumption and weddings.  On day one, simply select and purchase the wine

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Storing Your Wine

A consistent storage temperature is the most important thing to remember. A slight change of ten degrees is acceptable but large, constant fluctuations can damage

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Aging Your Wine

How long before I can drink my wine? is a common question that can have different answers. If you enjoy the taste of wine while it’s

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